Our vision is to empower you to identify, understand and activate your GOD given purpose.


EMPOWER - Our mission is to empower you through the teaching of the Word of God.

IDENTIFY - With the use of the Spiritual Gifts Assessment and revelation of the Holy Spirit, we are able to assist you identify your God given gifts and purpose.

UNDERSTAND - With this knowledge and extensive training, both in house and using outside resources, you will understand your purpose and why you were created.

ACTIVATE - After being empowered with this knowledge, identifying and understanding your GOD-given purpose, you are then activated to walk in your destiny now that you have acquired a new vision for life.

Circle of Blessing

  • Now Beloved as always I pray that GOD will bless you and bless you mightily. And when HE does, you will turn around and bless someone else. Then that person will turn around and bless someone else. Then that person will turn around and bless GOD Almighty for the blessings He bestowed upon them. Then GOD in HIS awesome and infinite wisdom will turn around and bless you one more time because you knew what to do with the blessings that HE bestowed upon you. I thank GOD for the completion of the circle of blessings. Therefore I beseech you in the Name of Jesus that you go forth, even this day and be a blessing unto someone, and when you do, do so on purpose. Know that I love you with all of my heart but no matter how much I love you know that God loves you more.

Ministry Conference Line

7:00 PM EST Thursday Night Prayer Line
Call 1-712-775-7100, pin code 101946#

6:30 PM EST Wednesday Night Fresh Connection Bible Study
Call 1-712-775-7100, pin code 101946#